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Yacht Charter Group has teamed up with Central Yacht Agent to provide you with one of the largest databases of luxury and exclusive yachts around the world. Pick your port, pick your yacht and then give us a call to have one of our personal assistants take care of all the details. Our job is to staff and outfit your yacht with the best crew and amenities and arrange all the little details that will make your yacht charter special and an experience of a lifetime. All yacht charters searches are for weekly rates.

If you are looking for a day cruise or just a few days please give us a call when you have found your perfect yacht and we will be able to give you a quote at 561-835-0226.

Over 43 Years of Experience in the Construction, Chartering and Sales of Yachts Worldwide

Fort Lauderdale, FL – (954) 728-2474
Delray Beach, FL – (561) 835-0226
Miami, FL – (305) 538-8385
Palm Beach, FL – (561) 835-0226
Toll Free – (877) 752-5001

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