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Monaco Yacht Show 2015 Coverage- What Type of Yacht Can $100 Million Buy?

By Michael Harianto- September 28, 2015

The 2015 Monaco Yacht Show featured over 500 dazzling yachts and other yachting gear including water toys and tenders. Buying a mega yacht seems prohibitively expensive in comparison to a luxury yacht charter, but how expensive are mega yachts?

Super-yacht broker Chris Cecil Wright took Bloomberg Business reporters aboard the Amadeus, an impressive four deck, 70 meter long super-yacht that his agency had on display at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. The Amadeus is an impressive yacht- lavish, lengthy, and luxurious; it also carries an impressive price tag. The Amadeus is expected to sell for more than €60 million ($67.4 million).

Mr. Cecil Wright explains that the Amadeus, while pristine and exclusive, is dwarfed by other super-yachts. “There have been extraordinary changes in the industry in the 25 years I’ve been involved. A large yacht in the early 90’s was 40 meters (130 feet). A large yacht today would be considered 150, even 160 meters (500 or 525 feet).” He explains that as the size of luxury yachts have increased, so have their prices. “Boats in the mid 90’s, early 90’s, anything priced over €20 million was considered a big boat,” Mr. Cecil Wright explains. “Now, we see [yachts] for sale at €175 million ($195.5 million), boats for €150 million ($167.6 million). … These are huge numbers. There [are] more than €3 billion ($3.35 billion) worth of yachts afloat for sale at the [Monaco Yacht Show] today.”

Unsurprisingly, given the recent explosion in the size and value of super-yachts, purchasing a super-yacht can be a solid investment. That is, if you have the funds for it. Says Mr. Cecil Wright, “These days, building a new yacht is one of the best opportunities. … You could put money down on a boat today, have it delivered in four years’ time, and I am certain that in today’s market, it would be worth more when it’s delivered than what you pay for it.”

5 Largest Yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show

Click on the link to see a gallery of the interior and exterior of each individual yacht. Wouldn’t you love to take a luxury yacht charter in one of these gorgeous yachts?

Solandge (Motor Yacht) – 279 feet long, 15 knots cruising speed, 17.5 knots top speed

Silver Fast (Motor Yacht) – 252 feet long, 18 knots cruising speed, 27 knots top speed

Yersin (Motor Yacht)– 251 feet long, 11 knots cruising speed, 15 knots top speed

Yalla (Motor Yacht)  -239 feet long, 14 knots cruising speed, 17 knots top speed

Martha Ann (Motor Yacht) – 230 feet long, 13 knots cruising speed, 15.5 knots top speed

Luxury Yacht Charters

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